Best Helmets of 2015

  • We talk to people about helmets all the time. Some people think that they don't need to wear a helmet because they aren't going that fast. The truth is, you might not be going that fast but the people around you will be. And we all know some of them aren't good enough to be riding at the speeds that they do. Others don't want to fork over the cash for a helmet. To those we remind them that a helmet is much cheaper than hospital bills and a wheelchair. Like grandpa says; "If you have a 10 cent head, get a 10 cent helmet." Everyone should be wearing a helmet. People without them are the outcasts these days. Make sure to protect yourself while you're out there. Here's a list of the best helmets we found for 2015.

    Bern Baker EPS w/ OT Wireless Audio


    Weighing at an average of 17.5 oz, this helmet is built with the ABS shell and customizable EPS hard foam specially designed for snowboarding. Its key feature, however, is the ability to play any of your favorite music without any wires. A full charge takes only 2.5 hours and can last for 10 full hours of music playback via Bluetooth connection to your music player. This brings a new dimension to your snowboarding experience with technology innovation at its finest.

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    POC Receptor Backcountry MIPS


    This slick helmet weighs at approximately 19.5 oz but has the protection of a double shell combined with an Aramid Penetration Barrier and a multi-impact EPP liner. It is very well ventilated, with detachable ear pieces and has MIPS system technology to protect you from bad oblique impacts. This helmet goes well with bigger goggles and is compatible with most designs. It has 8 gaps to redirect ventilated air which requires you to remove your helmet to open or close.

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    Smith Vantage


    The Smith Vantage has ventilation to keep air moving across your goggles to keep you for fogging and with 21 adjustable vents on this masterpiece will keep your temperature regulated on any season. It is designed to have a 360 degree fitting system to wrap around your head while reducing impact energy transmission by 30%. Weight of this helmet is only at 17.5 oz.

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    Sandbox Classic Snow


    This fashionable, durable helmet can offer ABS shell with EPS foam while maintaining its adjustability of 48 different possibilities for fit pad combos. Styled with a half shell design, worry no more about being called bobble-heads when you are wearing the Sandbox Classic Snow. This helmet has been engineered to be compatible with any weather and most goggle brands.

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    Anon Thompson


    Possibly the most innovative hybrid shell design of all time. The Anon Thompson will allow you to fit even a beanie and goggles under your helmet. It feels featherweight at 18.8 oz and has active ventilation in the convenience of one hand. The Fidlock’s magnetic SNAP helmet buckle enables you to easily remove your helmet even when you are wearing gloves but still maintaining the secure-fastened features.

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    Giro Edit


    Sleek, stealthy and ultra-lightweight. It weighs only at 13.2 oz and has stack ventilation together with thermostat control. Super Cool vents and Stack Vents allows the air to flow through while eliminating fog from your goggles. If being ultra-light isn’t enough, the Giro Edit took it to the next level with its GoPro mount compatibility. This is the helmet to go for if you want to get the best shots of your snowboarding skills.

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    Salomon Hacker Custom Air Helmet


    Equiped with twin shell and EPS 4D liner to absorb more shock. It has audio compatibility system while having a removable and washable liner. It has the capabilities of beanie convertible lining and comes with padding around the chinstrap. In addition, it is able to maintain a light weight design despite of all its features. This helmet is the overall solution for all your needs when it comes to snowboarding.

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