Best Dry Herb Vaporizer for Snowboarding (or Skiing…)

I'll set the scene, it's another freezing cold day out on the mountain and you are ready to start your day off right. You head to the chair lift with a packed bowl and make your way up the hill. As you are heading up you turn on the vape and wait, and wait...and wait and well you get the point. Finally, when the vape get's hot enough you take 1 hit and you're at the top!

***WARNING*** We do not condone the use of any marijuana products while attempting anything beyond your limits on the mountain. Please do not use this product unsafely in any manner. All injuries caused by snowboarding or skiing while using this product are your own responsibility. In addition this article is intended for readers who are of legal smoking age and reside in an area where marijuana and other cannabis products are legalized for medicinal or recreational purposes.

The problem is that most vaporizers are designed to handle extreme conditions and it's difficult to get it to heat up to optimal levels in bitter cold conditions. Not to mention, some of the best vapes on the market include some kind of glass mouth piece which is sketchy to keep in your pocket while running laps on the mountain. This is not the case with one of the best vapes we have come across; The VAPIUM Summit+. Not only does it heat up incredibly fast, it's designed to handle extreme conditions as well as be built for durability if you eat it on a lip or hit a tree in the glades.

We had the chance to try this bad boy out for ourselves and the overall feedback was awesome. This vape draws like a pencil and comes with all the tools and accessories you'll ever need to keep your VAPIUM Summit+ clean and functioning well. We have had some insanely cold days this year and without a doubt this was the best performing vape we came acrto check out their site for more information on the Summit+ and what comes in the box.

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