Best Choices for Base Layers in 2015

  • We all should know by now that the only trick to staying warm is to layer properly. The first step is your base layers. Keep the moisture away from your body by whicking it from your skin to your first layer and staying dry and warm. Here is a great place to start if you need some ideas on what to get.

    Airblaster Ninja Suit


    This is available for both men and women within the range of 80-190 dollars. The product is made of Merino wool, which is famous for having the highest standard in the base layers category. The material used also means that the suits are odor resistant and are extremely functional. Zips and hooks in the suit not only provide easy fit but also ensure easy bathroom access.

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    Icebreaker BodyFit 200 Oasis Legging


    This product comes with a range of features. It is made of Merino wool, which means it is naturally antimicrobial. The Slim fit with Brushed elastic waistband and Flatlock seams gives the product additional elegance and superior fit, which means that your legs will always stay warm under your ski pants when you are sitting on the chairlift or skiing down a slope.

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    Airblaster Merino Wool Ninja Suit


    The Airblaster Merino Wool Ninja suit comes with a Merino wool Lycra blend suiting, having natural antimicrobial properties, a Firm fit, a 350° waist zipper and thumbholes. The thumbholes prevent snow from getting in your sleeves and a seven-panel hood covers your head. This product definitely allows one to enjoy the superior warmth and extreme comfort.

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    Patagonia Capilene 4 Expedition Weight 1/4-Zip Hooded Top


    The fabric used is Capilene synthetic, which prevents moisture from getting in the layers and is ultra-breathable. This product is washable and suitable for aerobic activities involving a lot of sweating, which is why it also has an additional advantage of being odor resistant. Polygiene active odor control is active on the surface of the fabric, which have received Medical class 1 certification, which is the same class that includes bandages.

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    My Package Weekday First Layer


    This is available for 45 dollars. Additional features include a pouch inside your boxers that support your package. You no longer need to shift or adjust your package. It will no longer stick to your leg and the product helps reduce sweaty balls. Ideal for use in sports, helps to keep your package out of the way



    Hot Chillys Men's Geo-Pro Crewneck


    The manufacture of this high neck is with of 100% polyester. The first manufacture was in the USA and Imported from there, it has superior Moisture Wicking Properties, which prevents sweat from accumulating in the layers hence eliminating the problem of odor. The material used provides warmth and softness when in use.


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