Best Boards Under $399 of 2015

  • When you are on a budget and are in need of a board this is the place to be. Whether you are a novice rider who is just learning how this all works or an intermediate who just cant afford to throw down major cash on a new deck. Check out this list of inexpensive snowboards for 2015 that are all well worth the price.

    Nitro Prime


    The design of the Nitro Prime snowboard is perfect for beginners and intermediate level snowboarders. The body is flat from end-to-end, and the technical term for this is  ‘Zero Camber,’ making it an ideal snowboard for practicing riding and carving techniques. A wider base means that Nitro Prime provides better balance as well as extra space for larger feet.  Nitro Prime works on all types of terrains including powdery snow surfaces and the poplar wood core delivers a thrilling ride on diverse surfaces.



    DC Focus


    The DC Focus snowboard is an excellent choice for novice snowboarders as well as for those who want a board on which they can develop advanced free-styling and carving skills. DC Focus has a true-twin shape, providing greater stability to beginners and medium-level snowboarders with an identical tip and tail as well as a centered stance. The Anti-Camber profile of the DC Focus makes it perfect for those who prefer the straight park riding technique.

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    Burton Blunt


    The Burton Blunt is a great performing snowboard with a huge sweet spot. It's an ideal choice for novice all the way to strong intermediate snowboarders. The main reason for  its edgy performance is the Flat top base line and SuperFly core that is both lightweight and extremely long-lasting, making the Burton Blunt perfect for cutting through the snow and making smooth landings without moving you off your balance. The true twin design means that you get greater balance and stability while the Pro-Tip makes it easy to maneuver the Burton Blunt even at high speeds.

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    K2 Standard


    The K2 Standard is the all around snowboarder’s dream come true, thanks to the patented Catch Free Baseline which makes turning without unwanted contact with the snow easier than ever without affecting speed or stability. With the Dual Progressive side-cut, which offers greater relief and safety, the K2 Standard is also perfectly suited for those still developing snowboarding skills. Finally, the 3o base bevel provides greater relief from mistakes and facilitates skill progression.

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    Rossignol Circuit


    The Rossignol Circuit is an excellent option for an initiator to snowboarding because the directional design makes it extremely suitable on all types of surfaces. This also means that the board offers a lot of stability for beginners to practice their techniques and experience rapid progression. The material consists of 80% rocker whereas the centre of the board has 20% camber, providing a perfect balance between stability and versatility for beginners.

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    YES Basic


    The YES Basic snowboard is the most versatile board on the market and has been on the market for almost 5 years, which has made it famous as an innovative board. The tip and tail ends are made of rocker, which provides greater flexibility and variety in snowboarding techniques. However, the camber in the center offers the required control and stability. The YES Basic also incorporates a unique element; cutouts close to the bindings, which ensure more even pressure distribution across the center and contact points.


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