Best Mens Boots Under $200 for 2015

  • We all deserve the best stuff out there, but some people don't want to spend the crazy money it costs for the great stuff. Instead get the good stuff that will still keep you confident and rippin' hard all over the mountain. Here are a few boots that will keep your bank account in the plus while still holding up to what you throw at it.

    Burton Moto


    The Burton Moto is the world’s bestselling snowboard boots and is used mostly by beginner to intermediate levels. It features the Snow-Proof Internal Gusset that gives warmth with a complete seal on the lower part of the boot, as well as the Sleeping Bag Reflective Foil which reflects heat back to the foot. Another key feature is the Speed Zone Lacing System that allows riders to get fitted in seconds in the upper and lower parts; this allows riders to get more all-around wrap and give better response at minimal effort. These boots provide beyond the basics, a great purchase for riders in this skill level.

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    K2 Seem


    The K2 Seem is good for beginners to intermediate level riders that are looking for performance and value. These boots offer the Boa lacing system with low friction guides and easily tightened knobs, finished with the K2 Fast-In that gives a simple drawstring system. These boots also give great comfort by offering the perfect fir through custom moldable external J bars and 3D Formed Tongue. It also offers a medium flex that is ideal for taking on mountain progressions. For what these boots offer, it packs a lot of features without the price.

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    Flow Vega


    The Flow Vega boots is the perfect blend of comfort and value for money boots that is ideal from mountain to park riders at beginner and intermediate levels. High end features like the BOA H3 Coiler lacing system are packed into these boots, giving you durable laces, smooth closure and the perfect fit to shape that eliminates pressure points; it’s a guaranteed comfort. It also offers the 3D Molded Toe and Tongue and the Molded EVA Dual Density Insole that customizes the fit with deep heel cups and arch support to provide added cushioning and support. These are amongst the features that make the Flow Vega affordable high-end tech boots.

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    ThirtyTwo Exit


    The Thirty Two Exit boots offer all the basics needed by a beginner or intermediate mountain rider. Its functions are good and simple with the comfort fit, soft flex and traditional lacing system. It also offers the Level 1 Liner that customizes fit with heat moldable single density Intuition foam. Paired with the Level 1 Footbed that uses EVA with Sherpa top sheet, these boots keep you warm and comfortable with good heel hold. The support provided does not compensate performance as the lightweight design allows riders to shred the mountains. For boots that have the essentials without the problems of lower end boots.

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    Nitro Anthem


    The Nitro Anthem is a great all mountain and freestyle boot that offers versatility and performance. These boots are medium flex and uses the TLS quicklace that ensures hold and the perfect fit with the twist of the dial, and easy and quick exits with a pull of the Bail Out tab. For comfort and warmth, these boots’ Cloud 3 liner provides the perfect fit with the heat-moldable liner. The Anatomical EVA footbed is also suited for shock absorption and high impact landings. For boots that are durable and lightweight without sacrificing comfort and performance, get the Nitro Anthem.

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    DC Phase


    The DC Phase are one of the most value for money boots for beginner to intermediate level riders that still offers performance. Suitable for any scenario, it offers a medium all-mountain flex. These boots uses the Red Liner, a multi-layer of EVA Memory foam and thermal-regulating fleece with classic lace closure and Snow Basic Insole; comfort and warmth is ensured with those features for all day sessions. These boots also offers the Unilite Outsole that delivers durability, dampening and cushioning without piling up on the weight. Overall, a great value for money boot for riders starting out or progressing.

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