Best Bindings Under $200 for 2015

  • Some of us are ballin' on a budget, especially these days. If you are in a pinch and need some bindings for cheap money, these bindings will keep you clipped to your board and ready to ride without breaking the bank. Check out the list of this years best bindings under $200

    Burton Freestyle


    Made for the intermediate to advanced level riders, the Burton Freestyle delivers everything riders need from bindings. It offers a medium flex that is ideal for learning, improving, or adjusting freedom in the park as well as the Re:Flex FullBED Cushioning System that fully covers the platform for superior comfort on all terrains. Also featured on this binding is the highback that uses MicroFLAD to adjust the lean angle and the Ultra-Minimized Single-Component Hi-Back that offers instant response through different material blends.

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    K2 Indy


    The K2 Indy is known to be one of the best value for money bindings that does not compromise on great features that are great for intermediate to advanced skill levels. It features the Pro-Fusion PC Base plate which is K2’s Chassis system including the On-Board Power Ramp Adjust, On-Board Toe Strap Mount Position and Multi-Position Ankle Strap mount. It also features the Rocklock Highback that is designed to match the rider’s natural stance, tooless forward lean adjustment, uses patented airlock technology and seamless power transfer. Combined, these two offer great response and sturdy support.

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    Rossignol Battle

    RGD0011_BATTLE V1_SIDE_002.jpg

    The Rossignol Battle is recommended for beginners that want to get the most out of their binding without blowing their budget. It offers great support and comfort with the CPU baseplate and puffy pads on the baseplate for additional cushioning. Additionally, their mainframe highback offers engineered flex zones for great side to side mobility. This binding is also made more durable with the aluminum ratchets and teeth on the ladder strap. Their EVA Sole Padding offers good coverage and shock absorption that minimizes vibrations. This binding however, uses a standard 4 hole pattern that fits all snowboards except Burton. Yet, this is still a good entry-level binding.

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    Union Force


    The Union Force has been in the market for a decade and its quality has made it the binding to have for frequent riders, especially for those at intermediate to advanced skill levels. It’s no surprise that these bindings are built to last and works well on any terrain. It offers the Stage IV base that has dual density injected bushings, delivering high response and comfortable dampening. It also uses the Force Multizone Highbacks that allow adjustability and flex where needed, adding on to the response and support of the features. For riders of all levels and all kinds of terrains, this binding offers the features necessary for such versatility.

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    Union Flite


    The Union Flite is ultra-lightweight and great for all-mountain riders from beginners to intermediate levels. It offers features such as the Injected Dual Zone EVA Bushings that deliver dampening for comfortable rides and Dura meters for each size to customize performance. This binding also uses Fusino Highbacks that allows lateral tweaking regardless of the temperature. On top of that, Union offers a lifetime warranty making this binding perfect for riders that don’t want to overspend or beginners that are just starting out.

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    Nitro Zero


    The Nitro Zero binding was made for freestyle riders at advanced to expert skill levels and packed with features that takes away any concern a rider might have. It offers Reinforced Cable Connectors that use overmolded stainless steel cables for ratchets and straps. It also brings comfort with the Nitro Air Dampening feature that absorbs shock from the back, knees and ankles. As for the Asym Zero Highback, it was designed to give riders immediate response to their boards especially when pulling off tricks. Ultimately, the Nitro Zero is one of the higher end bindings made for park riders to perform with comfort.

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