The Best Backcountry Snowboard Backpacks

  • There is nothing like blazing your own trail where others hesitate to venture. Embarking on an trip into the backcountry is the best way to find yourself while staying fit. Check out these backpacks and try to pick one that relates the best to your needs.


  • Dakine Heli Pro DLX 20L

    Looking for a well built backpack to take your skis, snowboard or even books with you? The Dakine Heli Pro DLX 20L is a great option. Whether you are skiing, snowboarding or just need an awesome backpack for school, the Heli Pro has something for everyone. A well built construction with a minimal design, this bag is all about efficiency and comfort.

  • Orion Method

    It’s been a while since we’ve seen a board bag this functional. The Orion Method is back with a new design that is softer, more comfortable and lighter weight. It holds all the tools you’ll need out on the mountain without worrying about holding books and a laptop. Just need a bag that can help you comfortably carry your board up the hill? The Orion Method is build for that one function in mind and does a great job doing so.

  • K2 Backside 24L Snowboarding Backpack

    The K2 Backside 24L Snowboarding Backpack is a great option for the guy who needs functionality over fashion. Although this backpack looks great, its simple design under shadows its ability to fulfill all the needs of the rider. With a place to store a collapsible shovel, probe and ice axe as well as your goggles and helmet, the K2 Backside 24L is ready for anything you are.

  • Oakley Snowmad R.A.S. 30 Backpack

    A great option for the snowboarder or skiier who wants something that they can take on the street as easily as the back country, the Oakley Snowmad R.A.S. 30L is great for carrying your gear up the mountain and then off loading the gear, packing up the books and laptop and hitting the streets. If you are the kind of guy or gal who likes to mix business with pleasure.

  • Burton HCSC Shred Scout Pack

    This has to be one of the coolest backpacks we’ve had the pleasure of using. Take everything you’ve ever wanted from a school bag and mix it with the ideal choice for vertical mounted backpacks for hiking, add a couple coolers and a detachable hood for those rainy afternoons and you have the most functional backpack a park rat could ever want. Plan on hiking rails all day…errday? The Burton HCSC Shred Scout Pack is an amazing option!

  • Jones 30L Snowboard Pack

    Whether you are snowboarding or splitboarding, want to mount your ride vertically, horrizontally, or even split on the sides; the Jones 30L Snowboard pack can do it all. It even has rear entry options when the board is mounted vertically and it’s hard to access the items in the

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