The Best Back Protectors for Snowboarding

  • A back protector is just as important for your back as a helmet is important for your head. Every serious rider who wants to take their abilities to the next level without risking serious injury shouldn't leave home without one of these. If you are in the market for a back protector, this is a great place to start. Check out some of these choices and get yourself protected. The price is worth the protection and it's no where near the cost of a wheelchair.

    Salomon Flexcell Back Protection


    This product has a unique design specifically to protect your spine when you feel adventurous and want to take a hiking trip with your friends or a want to plan a night out camping, it has an ergonomic design with hooks and loops located at the waist and chest to provide a comfortable fit. Furthermore, it is washable and made of TCS foam with motion fit technology ensuring that your back is safe whether you snowboard or surf.


    POC Spine Ergo BUG Armor


    This product is essential to pack when one is off to a skiing, snowboarding or cliff hiking session, designed to protect your spine, it takes the natural curvature of your back to ensure that the fit is comfortable. The interlocking polypropylene panels enable free movement and the air induction system releases excess heat.

    POC Spine VPD 2.0 Back


    This product is famous as CE 1621-2 Level 2, that’s how it got the 2.0 included in its name. Available in four sizes, this back protector has a 3D mesh in its back. It has high ventilation due to the fabric, which, not only eliminates excess heat and moisture but is also the reason why the protector is so comfortable. The fabric also enables the product to be lightweight making it easier to carry on trips.
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    Slytech Backpro XT Naked Back Protector


    This athlete driven back protector is not just effective in its use but is also the most stylish in the entire category. Its technical features are a huge improvement from the previous skin technology. It is not only comfortable and effective protection wise, but is also the most durable. Grip on strap and the modular protection concept with impact intelligence feature has given it the highest levels of certification of the European Standard.


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