Best All Mountain Mens Boards of 2016

  • This year, we took a different approach to doing reviews of our All Mountain Mens board choices. We shared our list with the people at Experticity and they asked over 140 snowboard advocates to give us their input on our list of snowboards and let us know which boards they like the best. Check out our list, Experticity's input and see which board you click with the most.


  • Capita Defenders of Awesome

    Freestyling bliss, with a hint of raw awesome. As a 4 year award winning board for it's hard core design, this hard core board is the best partner for an intermediate rider who want to refine his style. The board is built with the RFC Sustainable dual core ™ to give you an ultra light weight board without tossing it's strength out the window. This is backed up by Poplar Wood Stripes to boost the board's already mythical strength. The Mountain Flatkick V2 hybrid caber design used gives you the insane pop and smooth responsiveness of a camber, while giving you the predictability of a reverse camber (double win.) You'll be getting intense stability on hardpacked snow no matter how you choose to ride. It doesn't matter how you like to ride. Upside down? Ride switch?....regular? This baby's True Twin ™ symmetrical design gives you the freedom to choose how you ride. Because your board shouldn't dictate your style. As for the base, the Wax Infused Rotation Sintered base, combines with the Titanial base inlay give you a board that sucks and locks the wax in. This lets you blaze downhill at high speed for longer. And because the wax is locked in, your board won't dry out and kill your fun. All this is rounded up by Full ABS Silkscreened Fortress ™ Kevlar Bound Sidewalls, that keep the sidewalll and core together to give you a durable deck.

  • K2 Raygun

    “ Where you go, it will follow & perform beyond all expectations ” This all round champion was built to perform in any conditions you can toss at it. This is thanks to the All Terrain Rocker ™. Your board will give you insane float on the deepest pow or shredding it in the park. You'll be able to execute ultra tight turns even in the hardest snow on the mountain. Thanks to K2's W1 Core, you get the purest of wood in your you a snappy, durable board that'll follow where you lead. The ICG 10 Laminate material used, has a mix of fibreglass and carbon. This gives you a boost in the board's pop, while making sure the power release is as smooth as possible. The Patented Hydbridtech Sidewalls adds durability to the board, while giving you some wicked turns, and low swing weight. The base is built using the 2000 extruded technology. Other than being trail blazingly fast, the base is also easy to tune, and repair.This medium flex, all mountain board is best suited to semi advanced freestylers who want to take their skills to dizzy heights...without stabbing their wallets in the back.

  • K2 Turbo Dream

    The mountain won't know what hit it This rugged all terrain, groomer ripping machine is designed using K2's All Terrain Rocker ™. This rocker gives you an ultra smooth, fast and easy to turn board that will make you the rider you wish you where. The WH3 core , combined with K2's Honeycomb and carbon web technology make your board as durable as natural diamond, while giving you the kind of insane pop that'll turn heads. The riding surface uses K2's Tweekend design, which extends the baseline rocker all the way to the ends of the board, unlocking an additional riding surface FOR MASSIVE DAMAGE. Built using Hybridtech sidewalls, that run across the surface and flow into the nose and tail for the kind of low swing weight that lets you pull off your sweet tricks with ease. The Sintered 4000 base technology sucks up and seals in the wax making your board a speed demon whether you're tearing up the park or floating across the pow. And to round it all off, your board has Carbon in the fibreglass, making it lighter than it looks, but still packing a punch in it's pops. It has a medium flex, giving you a playful ride. This all terrain piece of art is best used by advanced riders. Protip...To unleash this monster's full power we recommend using K2 auto bindings and K2 boots, they work wonders together.

  • YES Pick Your Line

    The 2016 Pick Your Line from YES is an all mountain board that can take you from hard pack carving conditions to deep powder days with no issues. You can float in the deep stuff and then go directly into carving hard turns in a snap. Winner of TWorld Good Wood for 2016 and featuring the Cam-Rock Profile for edge hold and forgiveness. With Underbite Sidecut, you'll have no problem holding on hard pack and ice.

  • Slash Brain Storm

    The ultimate crusher. This board was built for the backcountry. The BACKSEAT CAMROCK rocker gives you some intense, low effort float. A small section camber makes the board highly responsive, giving you an extremely agile ride as float across the powder. The POP CORE design used gives the board supreme strength and ample pop. You'll be nailing precise turns, while the SWEET SPOT carbon fibre system gives you an uber playful ride. Kevlar and Carbon are on the LANDING STRIP of the board, reducing high speed vibrations to give you some reliable stability. The SLICK TIP PROFILE combines with the special PROGRESSIVE SIDECUT, improve the contact points of the board and optimise the wood thickness for some gnarly, silky smooth high speed turns. TRAX FIBREGLASS with STEEL EDGES improves the board's already high strength, while adding some wicked pop and response. The SINTERED HD base, already factory waxed, makes the board resistant to impacts and superfast ( especially when waxed correctly ).

  • Jones Flagship

    Stiff competition. Rocking Jones' DIRECTIONAL ROCKER for maximum float in the deepest powder, this is one dependable piece of art. The rocker also gives you high maneuverability in all possible condition, while the camber gives you some wicked edgehold during your turns. The PROGRESSIVE SIDECUT makes turns easy to nail and smooth, giving you a smooth flow as you shift from turn to turn. The MASTER CORE 2.0 triple density wood core adds some hard core durability and pop...while keeping the board lightweight with some aggressive, but even flex. CARBON QUADRAX LAYUP tech uses multi axial fibreglass to add some intense snap, and high stability at high speeds. The SINTERED 9000 base takes in wax and holds it in for maximum performance. The board is given a Belt Grind finish at the factory, keeping it ultra fast and ultra hard. This board has a flex rating of 8, and is best for aggressive riders who want a responsive board that'll nail even the toughest of landings

  • Rossignol Krypto

    Shred it...with style. Built with the unique AMPTEK ALL MOUTAIN 60% rocker, 40% camber design for maximum power, without killing your style, this board is truly a feat to behold. This design gives you full control, high stability and sweet edge pressure during your turns for maximum impact. The MAGNETRACTION 7M process adds 7 deep bumps along the edges to boost your edge pressure, and give you more control and high stability no matter where or how you ride. The TWIN WOOD 3 CORE uses a mix of hard and soft wood, laminated together to give a durable board with a low swing weight. Glass fibre laminates give the board intense strength and a high breaking point while keeping it light. This is backed up by a super high density UMHW sintered base with a stone finish giving you one of the fastest and most durable bases in existence. This IS a fairly stiff board and is best used by experiences boarders who want an aggressive ride whether their tearing down the park, or hittin it in the park.

  • Salomon Super 8

    Rocket science, taken up to 11 Inspired by Noel Nyvelt's surfy style, and Josh Dirksen's high power style, this board was built for the wildest riders who want to shred it from park to pow. Featuring Rocket Science, a new wide design that gives you wild, loose maneuverability on the slope. The Backseat Camber design makes it hard to NOT float across pow with maximum control when you're carving groomers. The board uses a Directional twin shape, which matches up the tip and tail dimensions. Perfect for freestylers who want ultimate agility and near perfect stability whether they're hitting the park or or the pow. To make sure the board is as light a possible, BAMD is used. Making the board light and rocketing you from turn to turn. Royal Rubber Pads Dampen vibrations and mellow out big impacts, protecting your board without killing your performance. The core is designed using the Popstar Core Profile, enhancing the board's control while letting you pop over everything standing in your way. The board has a sintered + medium finish base, giving you premium wax retention and letting you glide no matter what conditions you ride in.

  • Bataleon Goliath

    A giant among men. This versatile, medium flex bad boy was built for riders who like hittin' the pow, and smashing steep trails. Thanks to the Freestyle 3BT ™  shape, you get an ultra versatile board with an aggressive camber for the most powerful ride you can get. Couple this with the Full Density full wood core, which ads some massive pop from the tip to the tail...And you get an insane freestylin board that'll pop over anything whether you're hittin the park, or conquering the pow. The board has a true twin design, letting you ride in any way of your choice. The Carbon Enhanced laminates give you dynamite grade explosive snap, and near surgical control as you're speeding downhill. Carbon stringers keep the board lightweight and ultra responsive...and Batalion's Tri-ax Laminate ™ fibreglass system stiffens up the board for you, adding more snap and edge control letting you handle turns with grace. This killer combo gives you a board with intense durability and scratch resistance. A Sintered base with microscopic pores suck in the wax nuggets and hold them in for the mother of slick rides. And to give you a killer first ride your board is prewaxed at the factory, for those who just want to go straight to the mountain from the shop. This may be a medium flex board, but it's best used by experienced riders who know how to handle themselves on the powder.

  • Lobster Captian Harold (Halldor Pro Model)

    The captain approves this board. Built to let you unleash the captain within you...and finished off with a killer camo paint job for infiltrating the mountain and wrecking the park. This all mountain power tool is a true rider's weapon of choice. The 3BT Tripple Base Technology ™ converts your weight into raw power in the camber for near nuclear pop and laser precision, while keeping you from catching an edge and spoiling your ride. The 3BT assym design gives you balance and stability without killing your playful style....whether you want to tear up the pow or rule the park. Thanks to the strong poplar wood core, you get an smooth elastic feel in the board with room for epic pop in a strong, firm board. The Extra Layup ™ system uses carbon stringers to boost your pops and reinforce the board for extra strength. The Bi-Ax carbon laminate placed on both sides of the core give the board an easy flex, for smooth control and a snappy pop. While the lightning edges let you carve with near surgical precision. The SB Sintered base uses a highly porous base material high wax absorption and jet speed. And the Party Pattern ™  binding system lets you position your bindings with high precision at any stance width of your choice. Burton Easy Livin Smokin Awesym

  • Libtech T.Rice Pro

    Built for the Shred Master. Approved by Shred Master Travis Rice, this board is a symbol of power and nature. The C2 BTX ™ camber rocker mix unleashes the board's aggressive power, while giving you laser precision and stability. It gives you medium pressure between your feet giving you high power edge hold while letting you float with no effort. This is a true twin's symmetrical in all aspects, making it idea for riders who want to ride switch or play in the park with ease. The Aspen ™  core uses a special species of wood that gives the board an ultra lightweight feel and supreme strength. This is combined with the Axis Inversion Bi-ax ™ fibre system to escalate the board's pop. The board's UHMW Sintered sidewalls are nearly indestructible...while the Birch Power Transfer Internal Sidewalls quickly shift your energy to the sidewalls giving you unmatched control and precision. The board's UHMW sintered base was designed to hold wax in for high speed descents. This is a stiff machine and needs an experienced rider to unleash it's full power.

  • GNU Space Case

    Inspired by nature. After calling in Forest Bailey, the team at GNU came up with this badboy. Featuring the ASSYMETRICAL SYMMETRICAL TECH, which moves with your body to create an effortless, fluid organic riding motion whether you're in the park, or the pow. The best Paulownia trees are used for the core. This wood is uber lightweight and can pop over anything in the hands of a master. Aspen wood is also added to the core to give you a smooth riding board with wicked pop. The Liquid Chrystal Polymer ™  uses polymer chains in the board to give you a smooth ride while reducing the board's weight. UHMW external sidewalls reinforce your board's sidewalls by adding five additional wood layers for bomb grade strength. Thanks to the wax absorbing Sintered base you get ultra high speeds,  while the Magne-Traction ™ .5 system gives you enough edge grip to nail the gnarliest turns.

  • DC Ply

    Locked and loaded. Featuring art from Vincent Skoglund, this all-mountain power stick is sets a new standard. The Lock and Load Camber ™ lets you unleash a new type of power on the slope...and dominate rails and boxes. The Radius 2 flat shape keeps you floating in the deepest snow while letting you go fast and carve with no problem. The Stratus core ™ uses poplar wood to give the board a lightweight feel...while the custom 3 Degree Bevel takes 3 degrees of the traditional 90 for a killer double edged sword. Beginners get an easy, catch-free ride awhile the pros get a jib ready machine. The True Base ™ tech gives you a strong deck that can take anything you toss at it while blazing downhill. You can hit the rails knowing that your board is safe. Bi-Ax laminates add a lively pop to the board while enhancing the control. This board is best ridden by advanced riders, but it was designed for beginners as well and will suit them too. It's a rather stiff board and is best ridden by the most aggressive riders out there.

  • Arbor Element

    The Luxury cruise ship of All-Mountain boards. Dominate the mountain with this killer piece of kit, which has been approved by both Curtis Woodman AND Dave Short. The System True Rocker ™, uses a modified camber profile for a more seamless ride in the snow. The rocker lets you nail easy sharp turns, graceful spins and picture perfect slides. This board has a special Mountain Twin design, shortening the tail to help keep the board on top of the snow. A Blended Bamboo/Poplar wood combo in the core reduces the board's overall weight low. This wood combo gives the board some sweet pop while also letting you nail some gnarly landings. Mixed Bi-ax/Tri-ax glassing combined with the Power Ply Top lets you shred all across both the mountain and the park. The glassing protects the board and enhances it's strength, protecting your board while you set the new standard in snowboarding finesse.  To wrap this package up, the board has a Sintered base boosting your speed as you ride...and giving the board enough strength to take anything you toss at it. This is a medium flex board and works best with experienced riders, but beginners looking for a challenge are welcome.

  • NeverSummer Proto HD

    Pure.Unrestricted.Power. Made in the USA for the most hardcore riders out there. This board features NeverSummer's Original Rocker Camber ™, which adds a spin of versatility to the board...while giving it a fun, surfy feel without killing the board's speed and performance. Three pressure points ™ on the board enhance the board's performance. The rocker camber gives you a high pressure feel between the feet while adding that playful feel in the powder. The pressure points even boost the board's stability and edge hold, letting you turn with ease.  Neversummer's Superlight Wood Core ™ uses a special genetically enhanced Poplar wood combined with an ultra tough Birch hardwood. This combo is uber lightweight, but tough as nails. This is backed up by using Carbon Max Laminate Technology to maximise the response, and Bi-Lite Fibreglasee to boost the strength of the board keeping on top of your game in all conditions. The Durasurft TX ™ Sintered 5501 base is a piece of art. By using graphite to boost the wax absorbency, the board is even faster in the snow. This Board has a medium flex, giving it the perfect middle-ground for all riders.

  • Burton Easy Livin

    Pure harmony on the snow. The Flying V ™ shape gives you a divine blend of rocker and camber, bringing out the best of both worlds. The Rocker zones give you a playful ride and near effortless float, while the camber zones give you enhanced edge control and powerful turns at high speed. This combo delivers some extreme pop and stability whether you're on the park or the pow. This is a true twin board, giving you the choice to ride in any stance you want. Everything down to the flex are perfectly symmetrical for near perfect control and versatility. The Pro-Tip ™  design reduces swing weight during turns..While the exclusive Infinite Ride ™ technology gives you maximum pop and strength that'll last season after season. Thanks to the Super Fly II ™ core, the board has stronger and lighter woods in specific areas for additional pop and a strength boost. Couple this with Burton's Squeezebox design and you get an ultra lightweight board with supernatural stability and high response. The Sintered WFO base, build using polyethylene pellets under high pressure and a specially formulated wax makes the board lightning fast. All while keeping the base durable and smooth season after season. This medium flex-all mountain board is best used by rider confident in their skill and with a little experience.

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