Best Action Cameras of 2015

  • There are tons of great action cams these days. Most of which come with a million features that would make this article about 100 times longer than it already is. We want to highlight some of the cooler features and let the videos do most of the talking. These are the top 5 choices from what we have tested so far. Let us know which camera you'll be getting and why.

    Garmin VIRB Elite


    The VIRB from Garmin is a great choice for people who are looking for a quality camera with a ton of great features relating to statistics and compatibility with other products. The VIRB allows you to shoot up to 3 hours at a time in 1080p. It features a 16 megapixel CMOS image processor and a 1.4" chroma display. The high sensitivity GPS, accelerometer and barometric altimeter keep track of where you have been, how fast you were going and how much verticle feet you have traveled. This camera is water resistant but you can ensure it's safety against water with the water proof housing addon. This camera also works with Garmin's line of wearable technology including the fēnix, Oregon and Edge as well as your smart phone.

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    Sony Action Cam


    The Sony Action cam is an amazingly simple camera with awesome features. Depending on which one you get, this camera can shoot in 4K which are starting to become available in TV stores across the country. If you have seen true 4K on display you understand how amazing the quality is. It's like you are there...seriously its almost freaky. However, this camera also shoots in 240 and 120 for the people who aren't quite 'techy' enough to be up with 4k yet. With a built in stabilizer, you can be confident that your footage wont be too shaky. The Action cam is compatible with most smart phones and can be controlled with a LiveView Remote. This camera comes out of the box with a rechargable battery pack, a micro usb cable, a guide, waterproof case and adhesive mount so you can throw this thing together and hit the slopes in no time at all.


    GoPro Hero 4


    There is a million things to talk about with Go-Pro Hero 4 but we will keep this simple. There are a few different versions of the new GoPro but most people are going to be looking for the Silver version. New to the line is a built-in touch display, the higher end professional level versions do not. You can also adjust the aperture for the beloved light graffiti effect that is very popular right now. You can also use the HiLight Tag while you are recording to 'bookmark' places in your recording that you know you are going to want to refer back to without having to spend wasted time searching for that one clip in a 2 hour video. There are a million other features that you may be interested in so check out everything there is to know at

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    Contour +2


    There are a few awesome things about the Contour series. First thing is the 270 degree rotating lens for more options on a limited platform.  Laser alignment ensures that you are pointing the camera where you really want it. GPS video mapping shows the viewer where you have gone and how fast you got there. Connect this to you smart phone for hands free control. This camera also comes with the water proof case.

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    ION Air Pro 3 Wi-Fi


    The ION Air 3 Wi-Fi is one of the lightest HD action cams on the market weighing in at only 142 grams. The ION is equipped with an anti-fog lens, waterproof housing up to 49 feet without any kind of additional kit or case, wi-fi capabilities, and one touch operation. It even vibrates when you hit a button to let you know it got the message without you having to take the camera off your head. This camera also shoots 12 megapixel still shots and has a microphone jack for any interviews or concerts you'll want to record.


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