Best Mens Powder Snowboards of 2017

  • It's hard to stay on top of that deep snow on a normal board, that's why every rider should have a nice pow board for those epic days! Check out our favorite pow boards for 2017 and let us know which one of these surfy planks you'll be picking up this winter.

  • Jones Storm Chaser

    While you won't be chasing any tornadoes with this swallowtail deck, you can rest assured it's trusted by pro riders Chris Christenson and Jeremy Jones. The custom built Christenson Surf Rocker dishes out lots of float even on the deepest snow. This is thanks to the nose rocker, which ramps up when you weigh the tail of the board. The Spoon 4.0 shape gives you an added speed boost thanks to the Speed Channel built between the tail edges. Jones' Master Core ™ tech uses a combo of Powlownia and full wood poplar to give you extreme weight reductions, and an ultra damp ride. The Mellow Magne-Traction ™ edges intensify your edge grip, while the Stainless Steel Hardware reinforces the tip and tail for extra strength. The board is factory tuned and waxed ( with WEND natural wax, no less ), so you can take it straight from the wrapper to the snow.

  • Burton Mod Fish

    An updated rendering of Burton’s original “Fish” shortboard, this latest design has evolved to catch BIG air, and shred deep snowy drops like a chainsaw.  Waist-high snow will present little challenge, thanks to its flat base and big rockered nose you’ll glide effortlessly across the terrain.  It boasts an FSC Certified Super Fly II 700G Core for an ultra-light feel that feels snappy in the conditions.  A narrow waist makes edge-to-edge transitions quicker when you're carving.  The Squeezebox Core enables you to shift into powerful turns, and the Triax fiberglass makes sure you have capability to stay responsive.This board is excellent for exploring or conquering your favorite resort.

  • Burton Fish

    Surf-slashing powder on the deepest snow of the year.  You’ll float and turning through tight trees and chutes with the greatest of ease thanks to this boards features.  Its substantial set-back stance (2-inches at reference mounts) allows you to position yourself just right.  Swallowtail shape enables acceleration and cornering control.  The radical tapering (30-millimeters) keeps the board's nose afloat without burning up your back leg when the snow is chest-deep.  While the reduced rear sidecut lets the tail sink more naturally for smoother flow from edge to edge. The innovative design of this board has led to a few enthusiasts to describe it in a single word … perfect.  Choose it and make your next pow day, your best one.

  • Ride Alter Ego

    If you need a board that can crush the big mountains or surf deep powder … this versatile one needs to be your first choice.  You’ll enjoy some unique options too, because this deck features a SplitTail shape. Lock it up for maximum tail float when hitting jumps, or charging hard through the crud, or get jiggy with some floaty turns by unlocking the tail clip.  Enjoy the proprietary Performance™ Core – made of high strength Aspen, Bamboo and lightweight Paulownia wood to make the board strong but not heavy.Its stiff flex is responsive and stable when riding fast (6 flex rating:  1 soft – 10 stiff scale).You’ll feel like Dr. Jekyland Mister Hyde by the way you can switch up riding styles in the blink of an eye on this versatile snowboard.

  • Signal Epic

    The creators of this board wanted to deliver a ride that felt retro yet rode modern.  As a result, they shaped the Powder Profile Core to have more wood underfoot and thinned it out between the bindings and outside the bindings towards the tip and tail. The Signal Epic has amazing flex, and a gigantic nose the chews through powder, thanks to combination of biaxial and triaxialfiberglasses. You’ll also enjoy long, drawn-out carves at accelerated speed during rides.

  • Slash Straight

    The Slash Straight was designed for riders who enjoy conquering backcountry at an accelerated pace, or those who specialize in no-turn descents.  The 7 flex rating (1 soft – 10 stiff) and directional shape makes this snowboard great for jumping or taking high-speed turns, because it’s responsive and sturdy.  Enjoy a quieter ride at faster speeds thanks to the Landing Strip stinger that also increases the strength from tip to tail.  The Backseat Camrock is the ideal design for the backcountry too. Ultimate traction is achieved from a small counter radius bump place in the middle of the board’s sidecut.  So you enjoy more grip on hardpack and ice with less effort.  The steel edges are extremely strong and durable, capable of withstanding the toughest of beatings.  If you like floating in pow this is going to be a rad ride of the epic magnitude.

  • Lib Tech Black Powder Birdman

    Enjoy masterful command of the snow everywhere with the effortless ride on this powder board, even on the deepest days.  The highly directional shape is nearly unsinkable.  The BTX profile assists with easy float and slick turning.  Gain extra grip on wind-scoured patches with the Magne-Traction.  The sintered base and Aspen/Columbian Gold core makes it snappy, strong, and lightweight.  Medium flex.  The durable UHMW sidewalls are capable of resisting damage, even after the most unforgiving impact.  Rumor has it, this snowboard makes riding so easy … you’ll almost feel like you’re cheating.

  • Capita Slush Slasher

    Slash powder like crazy.  This is one of the best boards on the market, for traversing steep terrain with deep snow.  The unique profile is designed to keep the nose afloat.  Dual carbon filter beams are in place to enhance the snappy feel and response you’ve grown accustomed too.  But here’s where this snowboard gets interesting … An RFC Dual Species Touring Core with ABS stringer running down the centerline, enables you to hack this board in half, string it up as splitboard, and chase deep snow without risking core rot.  Flex rating 6 (1 soft -10 hard) makes the ride predictable.  Dynaweave™ Fiberglass – The Dynaweave™ configuration features triaxial fiberglass on the top of the core and biaxial fiberglass beneath, which provides you more response while increasing strength and durability.  Stomp those landings hard surfer boy.  

  • Never Summer Swift

    If you’re after a board that rides well in the powder, but enables a fast ride while carving the mountain side … Never Summer Swift will exceed your expectations.  Its Original Rocker Camber, and secret Powder Porpoise Technology (PPT) makes this board absolutely ideal for the pow.  The Swift has a big nose, set back stance and a tapered swallow tail shape, which all equate to more fun.  It will feel like you’re improving with each and every turn thanks to the Vario Power Grip Sidecut and superlight Wood Core.  Full body carves and exploration are given a new meaning on this directional destroyer.  The mid flex rating of this stiffer board meansyou can enjoy an aggressive, responsive and fast ride. Charge groomers, deep powder, slalom courses, and even jumps … this snowboard was built to last.

  • GNU Finsanity 1984

    You’ll enjoy a retro board with modern amenities commandeering the pow on this Aluminum slasher.  Magne-Traction® serrated edges, a modern sidecut, and C2 BTX contours between your feet provide freestyle freedom and carving for this nostalgic 80’s snow surfer.  The core is Aspen/Columbian Gold.  Its flex rating:  6 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff), makes it ideal for a wide variety of conditions, from groomed runs to powder.  The fins pop off, so you can adjust up the stance, and catch some serious air at your favorite park even if the pow is light.  Today you’re going to fall in love with snowboarding all over again.  Go ahead … rip the entire mountain.

  • DC Supernatant

    Master the slopes with the floaty ride on this directional freestyle blade. This versatile board is firm and exceptionally fast due to its sintered base and butterable deck. It’s made with a Micro-Camber design that allows you to load up and snap aggressively before an ollie or pop. The Lightweight Carbon-Kevlar laminates provide ideal flexibility under use (7/10 flex rating). You’ll enjoy a Fresh Deck topsheet, that uses a ply of wood, to give it the poppy feel of a crispy skate deck. Developed with Devun.

  • K2 Ultra Dream

    Launch those cliff jumps you’ve been dreaming of, with the K2 Ultra Dream. Featuring K2’s renowned Tweekend profile, the Ultra Dream takes to the powder like a natural and offers a full-throttle thrill that only a rocker can deliver. Made of the best materials K2 could get their hands on, the K2 Ultra Dream unleashes unrivaled speed, durability, flex and float. The Carbon Web™ II makes for better energy transformations, connecting the rider with the terrain, while the AT Baseline® balances the flat profile stability with the just the amount of rocker you need to shred any line effortlessly. Stop dreaming, get boarding.

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