Best Mens Jib Snowboards of 2017

  • Addicted to riding rails and boxes? Well stop jonesing and start looking for your next jib ride. Here is a list of the best boards for riding anything that isn't snow, although they ride on snow just fine.

  • Rome Artifact Rocker

    When in Rome, carve like the Romans do. And make sure you're on the Artifact rocker as you do it. The FreePop flat rocker, armed with glass HotRods springload this deck with enough raw energy for some radical ollies. Because it's flat between the feet, you get an extremely balanced ride with strong edge hold. The Stomp core Matrix core uses Rome's Full SkateDeck tech for an ultra lightweight and solid build, with high density wood zones for a responsive ride and added pop. The board construction is reinforced by the Rebound Sidewalls, which absorb shock from impacts while making sure you have consistent board performance as you switch riding conditions. Thanks to the high density base, the board can take whatever abuse you toss at it.

  • Lobster Jib Board

    Looking for a board with soft flex, but strong enough to shred all day without any give? Then the 2017 Lobster Jib Board is what you need. Whether your thing is jibbing at the park or destroying the streets, this board’s Triple Base Technology (TBT) gives it a large center base with extra stability to enhance whatever you do. The TBT uplift starts right under your feet giving you an incredibly loose and forgiving effect. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or have been killing it for years, the 2017 Lobster Jib Board’s solid build and playful give makes it perfect for any rider.

  • Salomon Sanchez

    The Sanchez draws inspiration from the skater crowd. Touting the Flat Out Rocker for loads of float, an ultra forgiving feel while letting you pull off effortless presses. The Aspen Strong Core gives you epic amounts of pop for monster ollies when you're decimating the park. Salomon's Rocket Science design uses a shorter, wider frame to give you a maneuverable ride while maintaining the board's predictable stability. The ABS sidewalls dampen vibrations and chatter, staving off fatigue so you can ride all day.

  • Lib Tech Utility Knife

    The 2017 Lib Tech Utility Knife will slice through the snow like nothing else. With a style inspired by skating, this desk is a dream for any aggressive jib freestyler. Heavy on the camber with its C3 Camber Profile and lined with super durable Co Ex Base, the Utility Knife can handle anything. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, this board will perform how you want, anywhere on the mountain.

  • Ride Crook

    Rails, jumps, boxes – the 2017 Ride Crook can master it all. This board has been featured in tons of street video parts and for good reason. Its Slimewalls are designed to drastically dampen vibration when you’re at high-speeds, and it can definitely take a beating. This versatile board will dominate the park, the streets, or anywhere on the mountain you want to go. The Crook sports a Fusion 1500 Base, Biaxial Glass, and a sweet Twin Rocker profile. Before you know it, hours have gone by at the park, but you’ll feel like you’re just getting started.

  • Rossignol Retox

    The 2017 Rossignol Retox snowboard is for the well-rounded rider that wants to kill it at the park. With a mid-range flex, this board is playful, yet stable where it needs to be. Jibbing on the Retox is a thing of beauty thanks to the return of traditional camber. Whether you’re hitting rails, boxes, or tubes, this board presses with ease while still maintaining insane snap. With just the right amount of flex, camber and sidecut, carving on the Retox is almost too perfect. The board locks in and takes turns with smoothness and simplicity. If you’re in the market for a deck that can handle whatever you throw at it, the 2017 Rossignol Retox won’t do you wrong.

  • Rome Gank Plank

    The FreePop Rocker uses a flat camber in the midsection of the board. And a rocker in the nose to create an extremely versatile feel, and highly responsive ride. Thanks to the camber zone, you get clock work predictability and response, while the rocker section give you a playful ride in all snow conditions, whether you're tearing up the park or charging into fresh morning powder. The QuickRip sidecut makes sure the board is nimble and easy to turn at low speeds, while being able to unlock it's full power and precision at high speeds. This tech is built onto the Pop Core Matrix, which balances the board's lightness and strength to give you maximum performance. Basalt Impact plates reduce core compression, keeping the board in prime riding shape season after season. The Rebound Sidewalls keep the board's vitals safe from impact.

  • Lib Tech Box Scratcher

    Whether you’re a seasoned shredder or just starting out, the 2017 Lib Tech Box Scratcher will make you feel like you’re on another level. Super stable in parks or on the streets, this award-winning board will dominate anything you encounter. With its Aspen/Columbian Gold core and original power construction, the Box Scratcher is both lightweight and incredibly strong. If you like riding freestyle in all types of terrain, you’ll love this board’s BTX rocker that blends flat and mild camber. This setup gives you slight tip pressure for insane float in deep snow and solid pressure between your feet for pristine turning and edge hold.

  • Arbor Draft

    Master even the toughest terrain at the park and take your riding to a new level with the 2017 Arbor Draft. With its System Rocker, blunted Flathead Tips, and soft-flex, expect smooth presses, butters, and spins anywhere you go. The parabolic arc means you’ll stay solid on hardpack without sacrificing your edge while carving, and the Grip Tech gives you extra contact so you can ride icy slopes with ease. If jibbing’s your thing, this board is for you. Whether you’re going fast or slow, the Arbor Draft gives you the press and pop you need to own the mountain.

  • Nobaday Reborn

    Meet the Reborn: a board made to tear up parks, keep you on your feet and pop like nobody’s business. The camber shape provides pop and responsiveness. The Carbon Highlights - all 600g of them - make sure you have all the flex you need, even as you ride the Reborn for multiple seasons. Last but not least, the slightly-stubby shape gives you the stability you want when you’re sticking landings. Check it out at

  • Bataleon Disaster

    From the park to the streets, the Bataleon Disaster can handle it all. Sporting a wider waist for stability and 3BT edges to reduce catching, your jibs will be cleaner and your landings smooth as butter. The soft flex and full-length beech wood stringers give this board ridiculous pop, incredible twist, and landings so nice you’ll think you’re still in the air. Make the 2017 Bataleon Disaster your ride of choice this season.

  • K2 WWW

    Dominate any and all parks with the 2017 K2 WWW Snowboard. Made using Hybritech construction and Biax glass, this lightweight, durable board can take anything you throw at it. The WWW’s JibTip™ shape, Freestyle Baseline, and Tweekends provide everything you need to master every feature at the park. Whether you’re into jumps, rails, or tweaks, you’ll have a solid platform under your feet with incredible responsiveness to boot. Hit the parks hard this season with the 2017 K2 WWW Snowboard.

  • Lobster Eiki Helgason

    Brought to you by Icelandic, lobster-eating Eiki Helgason, this ride slashes down the mountains with speed and precision. Channel the energy of the wizard design for a day on the slopes. Blunted tip and tail give you less mass to haul around. Meanwhile, the super soft flex gives you full control over maneuver. Constructed with a triple base, with camber through the middle and rubber cork walls, to give you power and pop without the catch. Two carbon stringers attach toe and heel to the base. This snowboard suggests a dare that only intermediate and advances riders should consider.

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