Best Beginner Womens Boards for 2014

  • There's nothing better than buying your first snowboard. But you want to make sure you're getting the right one. Don't screw yourslef over by basing your decision on graphics. These boards are awesome for someone who is a beginner, wants to learn without getting hurt. Keep it steezy while keeping it safe with any of these awesome choices.

    GNU B-Nice

    The combination of BTX and Magne-Traction makes the GNU B-Nice BTX Snowboard a fun ride for beginners and veterans alike. The B-Nice is nice because it simply makes riding easier. Banana underfoot gives you superior float in powder while the Magne-Traction edges cuts through ice like butter. A soft-medium flex keeps the B-Nice playful with enough power and response for all-mountain riding. B-Nice to ride mean!


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    Arbor Poparazzi

    Whether you're making your first turns on the slopes or just want an affordable board that can handle whatever you decide to throw at it, then the Arbor Poparazzi Snowboard is your ride. The Poparazzi is designed for the ladies who like to take on the whole mountain, with features such as Arbor's Mountain System Rocker, Mission II Core, and fusion base to provide an easy riding board that charges hard and remains lightweight. Lap the parks, cruise the groomers, and explore the trees on the affordable Arbor Poparazzi Snowboard.


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    Bataleon Feelbetter

    Why feel good when you can feel better? Catch free Freestyle TBT slimmed down to give it catlike agility. This board is as forgiving as it gets which makes snowboarding so much more fun. It will sure make you feel good; No, better. This board features Triple Base Technology (TBT) - Triple base technology divides the nose and tail area of the board into 3 parts: the left and right side bases for turning and the center flat middle section for going straight. TBT involves pressing boards that, at rest, possess the shape that a traditional camber board adopts during a turn, when the edge is under pressure. The center base section features a classic full tip to tail camber for responsiveness and pop. The edge sections are concaved so that they are raised off of the floor. This results in less edge catches and a more forgiving ride. The edge section concaves are progressive. They start off flat in the binding areas and grow to a maximum uplift at the board's widest points, which means these points are far less likely to dig in but the board still carves really well. The unique aspect of TBT design is that the edges remain uplifted even when bearing the full weight of the rider. The edges on a TBT board already have the shape of a cambered board edge when carving. When riding on an edge, the board is fully loaded with pop ready to power you into your next turn and the Triple Base shape ensures that the whole edge gets engaged as soon as the next turn is initiated.


    K2 First Lite

    When the first rays of light start shining through the windows, it's time to wake up and grab the K2 First Lite Snowboard and jet up to the mountains. Catch Free Baseline™ adds a small amount of Rocker resulting in more confidence throughout the learning curve and unlocks faster progression on all terrain, while Hybritech™ construction allows for optimized turn initiation and durability. The First Light is the type of snowboard that will want to stay out on the mountain from first light to sundown


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    Evo-Logo-Green_jpg_280x280_crop_q95 TN_1_the-house-boardshop_the-house-logo  images

    Burton Feather

    The Burton Feather is an every lady's snowboard that delivers the performance needed to master the entire mountain. The V-Rocker shape keeps things loose and playful for a catch-free ride. The softer flex is laid back from tip to tail and cruise control allows the Feather to beeline without biting back. Twin flex allows this directional board feel good no matter which way you point it. The extruded base is low maintenance and super easy to repair in case you get real rad. You're definitely going to be riding all day with the Burton Feather.


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    Rossignol Gala

    The 2014 Rossi Gala snowboard makes all-mountain progression easy for aspiring women riders. AmpTek Auto Turn combines slight camber between the inserts for stability and edge grip, with higher tip and tail rocker, providing incredible ease-of-use, smooth full-length grip and no-catch edge control. With a forgiving directional flex, the Gala is designed to make aspriring riders better, faster. Short circuit the learning curve, strap in and ride. Progressing women riders should stop in to either of our Columbus stores and check this board out in person.


    Compare prices for the 2014 Rossignol Gala snowboard at these locations:


    Ride Compact

    The Ride Compact Snowboard is built for beginners and park riders alike. Featuring a hook-free and super smooth feel provided by Ride's LowRize™ rocker shape and urethane Slimewalls® technology, the Compact is a playful freestyle twin board that can also take on the entire mountain. Versatile, forgiving, and durable, the Ride Compact is ready to Ride.


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    Roxy Sugar Banana

    The 2013-2014 Roxy Sugar is designed to make snowboarding fun from start of the day to the last run. The Roxy Sugar is the perfect partner for new riders. This sweet all-mountain twin encourages smooth turns and makes progression quick and easy on any terrain. Banana technology has great float and ensures a catch free ride so you can focus on riding with your friends.


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