Best Beginner Boards for 2014

  • We know, the title of this article seems ironic. Like jumbo shrimp. But we believe that everyone should be able to ride a quality board without breaking the bank. With that being said, here is a list of boards in no particular order that are great for a beginner snowboarder in addition to the loved ones who buy these for them.

    Capita Horrorscope

    Team designed, team ridden, and the #1 selling board in the CAPiTA line means that the Horrorscope is a must-have board for your quiver. One of the best urban and park boards in the game, the Horrorscope features pre-loaded reverse camber positioning for expert level jibbers and easy turning, mindless shredding for those intermediate riders who want to expedite the learning curve in the park. This Transworld Top Ten Good Wood Award winner takes no effort! Stable at high speeds! Jib like a madman!



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    Stepchild Dirtbag

    Did you spend your summer days skateboarding and blowing your money on cheap thrills? Yeah? Then this board is the board for you. Everyone knows that you have been wearing the same underwear for the last week. Stepchild's unique Armor Core construction has been engineered to deliver the most in flexibility and longevity without sacrificing durability or increasing weight. Designed specifically for the Park and the Streets, the Dirtbag's Zero Camber delivers the control and response of a regular camber with the float and smooth ride of reverse camber. The Dirtbag is the board that the Stepchild crew wish was around when they were broke ass teenagers and thought running a snowboard company would be a blast.



    YES. The Basics

    YES this board is still called the Basic in the 2014 range, but it's anything but. One of the best All Mountain freestyle boards on the market, The Basic will take on anything you can throw at it. For 2014 it has been re-designed and re-shaped. With slightly less volume in the tail it floats like a directional board in powder even though it's a twin shape.basic-163-lg

    Burton Clash

    Breeze through the basics and step your game up with the Burton Clash Snowboard. Equipped with Burton's Cruise Control and V-Rockerâ„¢ for improved catch-free edge control and a soft flex for freestyle forgiveness, the Clash is ready to take on the mountain. Bonks and jibs be warned, the Burton Clash is coming through. Shredders on a budget - the Clash is calling for you.


    Compare prices for the 2014 Burton Clash Snowboard at these locations:


    K2 Brigade

    The K2 Brigade Snowboard is built for the advancing rider looking for consistency and style without breakiing the bank. A small amount of rocker in its Catch Free Baseline technology results in more confidence throughout the learning curve and unlocks faster progression on all terrain. This board is designed to work seamlessly with the rider and disappear under your feet, letting the focus stay on good times on snow and progression.



    Rossignol Circuit

    The CIRCUIT AMPTEK makes all-mountain progression easy. AmpTek Auto Turn combines slight camber between the inserts for stability and edge grip, with higher tip and tail rocker, providing incredible ease-of-use, smooth full-length grip and no-catch edge control. With a forgiving directional flex, the Circuit makes aspiring riders better, faster. Short circuit the learning curve, strap in and ride.




    Ride Agenda

    The Ride Agenda Snowboard offers high-end performance at an unbeatable price. The Agenda is designed to be a park killer with its true twin shape, medium-soft flex, and durable sidewalls and base. Whether you're a beginner looking for their first park board or a seasoned park rider who doesn't want to spend a fortune on a board that's going to grind rails and slide boxes, the Agenda is the right Ride for you.



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    Rome Tour

    The Rome Tour Snowboard is designed to be perfect for a rider who is looking for a board to help them progress. Built with the NoHang-Ups Rocker, this board will give you park playfulness with more pop in the tip and tail without catching an edge on the groomer or groovy dance floor. With a playful feel that never let's down, you can trust your board to progress and adapt just as quickly as you do.


    Arbor Formula

    Make your first turns the Arbor Formula Snowboard. The Arbor Formula features an all-mountain rocker designed to be easy to ride so you can learn and grow with confidence. Turn with ease and eventually bomb hills on the tough and fast Fusion Base. The Formula also features other high-end features such as UN3 Progressive Sidecuts and Rhythm walls found on Arbor's high-end boards to provide you with great edgehold and durability. Affordable, powerful and great for beginners, the Arbor Formula Snowboard is your stepping stone to the world of snowboarding.


    Don't break the bank! Get your 2014 Arbor Formula at these places to ensure the right price!


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