Atrip Apparel

Annoyed by sporty looking, mountain specific outerwear, Halldor Helgason created Atrip apparel, a rider driven brand for badass people. Atrip produces ridable apparel that supports whatever special interest you might have. With a line that looks as great in the streets as it is functional in the snow.


Halldor – “I like functional streetwear with mellow labelling, nothing too crazy. I’ve always been down with clean looking streetwear rather than super technical, sporty looking mountain wear. I spend a lot of time in cold cities so I wanted to create apparel that supports chilly weather special interests. My interests are mainly snowboarding, skateboarding, chilling, and parties. I don’t like having to change in between, so we designed a line you can wear in the city, out to the bar, plus it’s fully functional for sending it in the mountains. I feel like that’s missing at the moment.


We are running the Special Interest Club as a theme behind the brand. I want to have a different theme every season based on random hobbies and interests. It can be whatever: snowboarding, black metal, eating shrimps, airplanes… I don’t know – it can be any nerdy interest that will lead me to create an Atrip Special Interest Club, and anyone can join!”

Dolomites - Italy - ph: Roberto Bragotto




This extended and stylish parka works as well at the bar as it does on backcountry missions. The10K waterproofing, paired with 10K breathability and our C6 DWR coating always kept me dry and comfortable while filming for #Dayumm. Rock this cozy jacket in the streets or on the mountain.




If you’re looking for a classic, stylish, and functional jacket with discreet labeling, the Askja is your best choice. This jacket performs just as well as it looks with taped seems and 5k waterproofing and breathability.




Everyone should have a coach’s jacket. Ours features 5K waterproofing, 5K breathability, and 40 grams of insulation, making it a must have piece in anyone’s wardrobe.


Hengill pants


Snowboard pants should be comfortable and look great. The Hengill pants have classic 5-pocket styling and feature a built in shoelace belt in case you don’t have a 7-9-13 one. Since pants are essential in cold weather, ours have 10k waterproofing and breathability.




A solid full zip fleece is essential in everyone’s closet. Simply choose your favorite color and you’re good to go.




The Baula is our basic logo hoodie. Perfect way to let people know you’re a part of the Special Interest Club.




A mellow hoodie with discrete branding so you can keep it classy in the streets.




The Grendill is the crew version of  the Molduxi, because sometimes it’s nice to have a sweatshirt without a hood.




Pockets are top! A label on the pocket is the only visible logo. Mod style.




The Rimar tee is essential for anyone in the Special Interest.




The Gerpir is our basic logo tee, nothing more, nothing less. You will love the quality materials.




Yes, captain Harold! Sailor Beanie is a must have for everyone.




If they say snowboard boots are the most important part of a snowboarder’s setup, the second must be socks. These are Thermolite, stink-free, quick dry and have a reinforced bottom. Just awesome!




The Tindastoll is an awesome neck warmer for the city or mountains. A small item you’ll appreciate in the cold. (same as what’s on the site now)

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