Best All Mountain Womens Boots of 2016

  • Girl, you are a free bird, and a free bird flys all over the mountain. A free bird needs a boot to keep her warm, comfy and secure while she flies, and it needs to look good. Here is a list of all the best all mountain free bird boots we could find. Fly bird, fly... (how was that?)

  • K2 Haven

    One of the most comfortable snowboarding shoes on the market. K2 heaven comes equipped with uniquely designed intuitive heat moldable foam that is guaranteed to keep your feet warm and cozy throughout your ride without reducing the support. In addition to taking care of your soles, K2 heaven comes packed with boa lacing system that provides you hassle-free, comfortable and durable lacing system compared to any other product on the market. K2 safe heaven is a true heaven for your feet.

  • 32 WMNS Binary Boa

    Built to perform 32 Binary Boa is designed to provide you with the utmost comfort. The boots come equipped with a dual density foam with the additional capability of intuitional insulation that ensures you always get the perfect feel for your feet. Binary Boa also contains foam overlays to provide you with more relaxed posture. In addition, to all these features, the amazing Dual Boa lacing system makes it a perfect fit for your feet. All these amazing features combine to make Binary Boa a unique and one of its kind product on the market.

  • Nitro Crown

    Comfort, style, and strength combined in one product. Nitro crown is designed for pro-level athletes and provides perfect control, comfort, and support for all kinds of terrains and boards. The specially designed Cloud 6 Liner ensures comfort and grip while the dual density footbed provides a perfect resting place for your feet. Nitro Crown is guaranteed to provide you with such a comfortable fit that you would not want to take them off. The cloud 6 Liner is designed to absorb all kinds of jarring effects and keep your legs from tiring off, the specialized thermacell material ensures warm and cozy feel throughout the day.

  • Burton Sapphire

    Burton Sapphire boarding boots are the perfect solution for all your freestyle snowboarding needs. Burton Sapphire come with freestyle flex and minimalistic design that ensures maximum comfort and less hassle. Equipped with the burton’s world renowned 2 liner dynolite outsole the sapphires provide you with comfort and safety unmatched by any other product. Forget cold feet and jarring landing motion with these ultra-soft, warm and comfortable pair of boots you can concentrate on tearing up the mountain without worrying about the comfort of your feet.

  • Salomon Moxie STR8JKT

    One of the most advanced women boots in the Salomon arsenal. The boots come equipped with increased foot support in order to provide you with a perfect grip. The latest innovation in the form of STR8JKT heel hold provides a perfect locking mechanism that fits snugly around all kinds of feet. The boots have a medium to stiff flex that provides you with ample power to ingrain speed and control in your ride. Insulated foam keeps your feet warm while the comfortable sole protect you against fatigue from the jarring motion of the ride and antibacterial properties that would ensure increased blood circulation and avoidance of bad odor.

  • DC Search

    Designed to perfection DC search boas provide you with instant comfort and mobility the moment you step your feet in them. DC search utilizes the amazing Red liner technology that incorporates a plush and comfortable foam sensitive towards heat and moisture that keeps your feet warm and cozy during the ride. The advanced boa lacing system provides you with highly customizable closure mechanism that easy to adjust and hassle free. Improve the quality of your ride with these pair of gems and enjoy the true comfort and warmth that you have never experienced before.

  • Vans Aura

    A good season needs perfect equipment and Vans Aura is one of the essential for a comfortable and controlled ride. The amazing Vans Internal Harness technology ensures that your feet fit snugly without any kind of looseness or discomfort. Designed to excel at all kinds of conditions and surfaces the Vans Aura would be your perfect partner. Equipped with highly comfortable Ultra Crust Footbed your feet would be completely safe, cozy and comfortable.

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