• So we get this all the time; "What is Steez?" I guess we didn't think that not everyone out there gets what the "Steez" in Snowboard Steez stands for. Its a common word used in the ski and snowboard world, its not really an every day word...yet. It really doesn't have the same meaning to every person, so we thought it would be fun and and amusing to help people understand what "Steez" means to us and its really pretty simple.
    When it comes to snowboarding the word Steez is used in some ways to describe the style in the way some one rides or most commonly, how they do a trick. So lets say you roll up to a booter (a.k.a. "a Jump") and throw down a 540 and stomp it, that'
    s pretty sick but say you throw that same 540 and add a little tweak or just something that changes the dynamic or look of the trick in a good way. That would be considered "Steezy." Its not always about how big the trick is, but more about the extra effort taken in the trick to make it look smooth and almost effortless. Some of us would rather see someone hit a 40'ft jump and throw the slowest, steeziest backside 180 than a sketchy 540 any day of the week. Snowboarding is all about the STEEZ!!!
    There are more meanings to the word than just that. It is common for people to use the word steez as a replacement for "sick" or "gnarly", and it doesn't always have to be used on the mountain. You see that kid walking around the mall with a Armada or K2 hoodie and its down to his knees....that's "Steezy". If it was a eco-hoodie and the dude has a chain on, well that's getto not steezy!!! Sometimes you're at the base lodge and you see a kid walking around with a tall tee on under his jacket and it goes down to his got it, that kid is straight steezy and will prob be killing it in the park all day long!
    So with that in mind we came up with A website and facebook page to talk about and show people all the awesome things not only in the snowboard world but the action sports industry. Giving you and easy place to find out about all the things going on in our world. We are not just for snowboarders, we cover a lot of things such as, Skateboarding, skiing, surfing, MTN biking, rally cross, you name it if it goes fast and isn't NASCAR or main stream sports we talk about it. Though in the winter time we focus most of our time updating you on all the sweet new gear and videos and thing of that nature going on in "Snowboard Land." We also like to give back to the people that take the time to read silly little articles like this and share it with there friends. We go out and find cool products that will make your day out on the mountain a blast! When a company sends us stuff to write a review on we don't keep it for are self we give it away to you guys for helping and supporting us!
    Thanks and Keep It Steezy!!
    Snowboard Steez Crew

3 Responses

  1. The word Steez was created by JP Walker back in the day to mean style and ease, you kids fucking butchered it.

    • so what about the definition of the word steez did we butcher? this reminds me of a presidential debate. they’re saying the same thing but in a slightly different way and just for the sake of fighting. bah is Romney and is the cool tokin’ black president. -Keep it steezy

    • Haters gonna hate ^^^ they said what it means to them. An opinion is never wrong, and they brake down the meaning of style and ease if acutly read the articale. But thanks for the hate mail!!