5 Tips For Keeping Your Snowboard Fresh In The Off Season

  • Most people are not aware of a few rules that will keep your gear fresh in the off season. Most people store their snowboards in the wrong place which results in rusty edges that can be beyond repair. In addition to rusty edges, board and ski bases dry out in the off season which is fixable but not helpful.

    Here are 5 helpful hints for keeping your gear fresh in the off season.

    1) Keep your snowboard in a finished part of your house. Somewhere where the climate is controlled. Under your bed or in a closet is recommended.
    2) Do NOT store your gear on cement. Cement will hold water and in the summer it will release moisture into the area that is in contact with the ski or snowboard and split it.
    3) Dry off your board after every use.
    cool snowboard bag
    4) Keep your board in a padded board bag to further protect the board in storage.
    5) Do yourself a favor and buy a wax iron and some board wax and put a thick coat of wax all over the bases of your board. If that isn't in your budget, at least take a crayon and rub it all over your edges to protect it from moisture.
    snowboard ski wax iron

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