3 Magazines No Snowboarder Should Live Without (At Low Prices!)

  • We all know that you cant afford to be paying an arm and a leg for a new jacket just to get the subscription to the magazine. Therefore, we did some investigation and found some sick deals on magazines that every snowboarder should be subscribed to in order to stay in touch with their inner shredster. Because there is nothing like being updated all winter long on whats new and innovative in the industry. Keep in mind that these magazines are ones we read every month, religiously and wouldn't have it any other way. PCI1__SNOP-130200.pdf

    The first mag is SNOWBOARDER magazine which is a publication of incredible value to its readers. With a progressive look at the culture of snowboarding through mind-blowing photography, intelligent and entertaining words and groundbreaking design, you'll be reading this months mag until the next one comes in! Each issue is packed with killer photos, exotic travel, trick tips and hot products. These guys make sure to keep it fresh all the time with captivating articles and the latest, in depth, news on your favorite riders, gear, and locations. Keep these guys on your coffee table for the shredders in your family. Usually the subscription to this mag would be $41.93 but we found a source that saves you over $31 and at $9.97, you cant beat this deal. I jumped on this deal the second I found it and can't wait for the subscriptions to come pouring in.

    1356217060_transworld-snowboarding-february-2013-1Next is the infamous TransWorld Snowboarding Magazine which features coverage of all aspects of the sport of snowboarding--personality profiles, interviews with the sport's leading competitors, national and international contest coverage, adventure stories from around the world, travel articles describing destination snowboarding locations, how-to columns detailing tricks and riding techniques, equipment and product design information, as well as news from the snowboard industry. Not only do they talk the talk, but these guys shred it too. If you check out their website: TWSnow.com, they have tons of great footage as well as their own videos such as the Cooking With Gas series which is dope. There is nothing I like getting more in the mail than this magazine. It's like Christmas every month of the winter season! We found this deal which is 2 years for $19.95. That breaks down to about $1.25 per magazine! There is not a newspaper on earth that is this entertaining and yet most of them cost $1 or more! They're not even advertising it on their own website this cheap! If your scroll down to the bottom of their site its giving you a change to subscribe for $1.89 per issue! Make sure to take advantage of this deal before they realize they're loosing money on the combined cost of printing and shipping. Get yours here!

    Frequnecy-Shop-Stories-500x317But finally, if you're looking to get in touch with the real core of snowboarding, Frequency TSJ is the magazine for you and your family. The Original Snowboard Journal and snowboarding’s true voice, frequency TSJ publishes four quarterly coffee-table magazines per year in limited editions. Covering global travel, landscapes, and personalities, frequency TSJ's quality paper, cover stock, award-winning printing and photography create permanent value. frequency's feature DVD, "funny feelings," is available only to subscribers and FREE with each subscription. 9x11 inches, full-color, with limited advertising. This is probably one of the best magazines on the planet because its beautiful and has limited advertising. A little more expensive than the other two we recommended but this mag is substantially higher quality in trade. Get your 4 piece subscription for only $39.99 here!

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