2017 Burton US Open Halfpipe Finals Standings Find Shaun and Chloe On Top

  • After an exciting end to the 2017 Burton US Open, the fan faves and expected champs of these respected events executed at usual. Chloe Kim and Shaun White found their way to the top of the leader boards and took home a nice prize of $45,000 a piece. In addition these two athletes are one step closer to the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. Never the less, there was a ton of explosive athletes giving it their all at the most renown and oldest snowboard competition to date. Japan and Switzerland brought some serious talent to the event and some riders were sending it with the same amplitude as White but just couldn't put down as difficult of a run as the winner. Check out these videos and the standings for more on what went down.For all the details check out Burton's site over at events.burton.com

    Women's Halfpipe Finals Results

    1. Chloe Kim (USA), 87.12

    2. Elena Hight (USA), 80.12

    3. Maddie Mastro (USA), 78.25

    4. Sena Tomita (JPN), 77.00

    5. Haruna Matsumoto (JPN), 75.00

    Men’s Halfpipe Finals Results

    1. Shaun White (USA), 92.74

    2. Scotty James (AUS), 82.87

    3. Chase Josey (USA), 79.87

    4. Iouri Podlatchikov (SUI), 78.24

    5. Raibu Katayama (JPN), 77.75

    6. Danny Davis (USA), 59.50

    7. Ayumu Hirano (JPN), 51.00

    8. Pat Burgener (SUI), 46.87

    9. David Habluetzel (SUI), 44.87

    10. Jake Pates (USA), 38.62

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