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Troll Files: stuga

Few Crew is back with some slushy shots and more mysteries. But this time.....From the stuga. (more…)...


Mess up Meribel 2.0 is all about breaking shit, having fun and keeping Jesus on his toes (Jesus is the chalet boss btw)! This year we decided to see what was really possible around the DC Chalet by building the best damn snowpark in the world right outside our front door.

Social Media Short Clips Compilation 2015

A chronological compilation of all social media short clips from the Year 2015. These were 95% filmed & edited the same day of uploading to my personal Instagram account @jpminibike. #jpminibikedailies


Holiday Hammers 2016 at Wachusett Mountain with Chris Grenier

Despite that Holiday Hammers 2016 was postponed due to lack of snow, the action it delivered on February 9th did not disappoint. Hosted by Chris Grenier, the jam style contest featured riders of all ages, talents and style. Sit back, relax and enjoy the carnage that is Holiday Hammers.

flyinggg through utah

Took a trip to Utah over winter vacation. ft Parker Szumowski, Gravedi99er, Christian Buling, Andrew Aldridge, Mike Rav, and Dave Downing (more…)...


Snowboarding at Yawgoo Valley with Dylan Gamache, Marcus Rand, and Brian Skorupski. (more…)...

C Sessions 6.5

Featuring: Levi Gunzburg, Rory Bruder, Max Lyons, Jeremy Ellenberg, Kevin Raksnis, Casey Willax, Timmy Sullivan, Rob Black, and Shaun Murphy



Best Precision Boots of 2016

Looking for a boot that will take your carving skills to the next level? You will need a stiff boot for that! This list is a great place to start. Feel free to tell us which boot you’ll be getting in the comments below. (more…)...

Best Womens Precision Bindings of 2016

Ladies, you need to carve hard and go fast, and you need a binding that is comfortable yet responsive...and cute. Check out these choices and get ready to go hard. (more…)...

Best Womens Gloves and Mittens of 2016

There are quite a number of brands dealing with sports gloves and mittens for women out in the market. Choosing a good brand can be a hard and complicated process as you never know which glove is best. The following list covers some of the best cold weather gloves and mittens for women.