10 Great Ways To Get In Shape For Snowboard Season

  • Snowboarding is a demanding sport that requires you to be in great physical condition in order for you to be ready for anything the mountain could throw at you. Everyone should make an effort to be prepared before strapping in. The last thing you want to do is rush into things cold turkey. Here are some helpful ways to keep yourself in good shape to shred the slopes like you never missed a beat.

    1) Cardio - Most importantly, you need to have an extremely good core workout regiment. Your core is the most important group of muscles for snowboarding and if you look around, every professional snowboarder has a 6 pack...even the women. Here is a great blog with tons of videos on great core workouts.

    2) Free weights - Focus more on legs because although its important to work on everything, most people tend to work on too much upper body which isn't good for the stamina of your legs.

    3) Yoga- It's a great way to work on core strength and balance.

    4) Trampoline work- will help you learn how to use your core to initiate flips and teach you how to hold grabs until the right time to let go.

    5) Vew du boards- are the perfect tool to learn how to grind rails like a champ. Very little space needed to use one of these.

    balance board

    6) Rip Stick - Great way to practice getting from edge to edge.

    7) Skateboard/ Long board - a great way to incorperate alot of skills necesarry in the terrain park.

    8) Freeboard - An awesome answer for those who have reverse seasonal depression.

    skate snowboard

    9) Eat right - high protien low carb no fast food!

    10) Camps - Wood Ward, Windell, Waterville Valley Academy, theres millions of camps all over the place that would be perfect for helping an aspiring park athlete learn how to be the best.

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